about us

Family Pfander

Our story begins with a meeting that seemed destined by fate. Tania, Brazilian lawyer and Richard, Swiss Hotelier met in São Paulo and felt a unique and special connection from the very beginning. We shared the same tastes and passions, especially for travelling.

Together we began researching guesthouses for sale in Brazil, but eventually we opened a restaurant in an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo and also invested in a gourmet artisanal production factory for jams and sauces. But our love for hospitality spoke louder when Richard received an irresistible offer to go back in the luxury hotel business.

We moved to another Brazilian state and then the Caribbean, working for a luxury hotel chain. But as they say, love always finds a way back home. And it was the pandemic that made us realize that we need to be closer to the family. As a result, from Tania's request, we decided to return to Switzerland, Richard's home country. And there we decided to venture into our own hotel to offer guests our passion for hospitality combined with our passion for decoration. In the future we plan to open the restaurant in the hotel with simple and wonderfully good cuisine. This is our story, a journey of love, passion and entrepreneurship that took us to incredible places and brought us home.